Project elaboration and cooperation

komm-koveteseIf an institution just has a simple project idea, we can help to formulate and elaborate it until the final project.
In case of a successful project we will accompany all operations of its realization with an expert supervision, from the conclusion of the contract to closure, with a total or partial project management and monitoring operations.

Preparation to mobility


Language Training: we worked on projects that require foreign language training outside the OLS system, for now in Italian language within online preparation program with progress monitoring which can measure the effectiveness.
We hold Intercultural trainings to develop intercultural skills (conflict resolution, self-confidence increase, to integration in a foreign environment, stress-tolerance).
The duration of the mobility accompanying we offer accompany teachers, cultural mentors, or tutor training too.

Search partnership

puzzleIn the KA1’s projects the partner searches as required by the applicant organization (the sending organization) tracing the host organization in mobility programs. The host institution meets the quality requirements of the project and the relevant economic sector, accordingly to the specific characteristics and it is appropriate to a specific training program. Once we can propose candidates to the partner, all of them will be discussed separately for the project conditions and select a partner that could implement the project of them with the best conditions.

Project duration: min. 12 months – max. 24 months.
In the KA2 project’s strategic partner search parameters depend on the partner network concept, first whether within the alliance partner which our partner’s contribution to the project. The applicant is the consortium coordinator. The project duration: min. 24 months – max. 36 months.

Follow-up communication between the partners


Foreign language skills required by the particular partnership, we are present at the negotiations and the contract discussions, and participate in the correspondence.

Currently we undertake the mediation of language in Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, French and English.


Project planning and writing


Project Management



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