On November 10th 2016 Eu Project has taken part at the exhibition EDUFAIR 2016 thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Budapest.

The speech at the exibition EDUFAIR 2016

The presentation


Our team members are experts with 10 years of experience in planning and writing EU projects. We are mainly planning and writing European projects, searching for partners, monitoring, doing language preparation and complex operations of preparation to mobility, project coordination and operation closure.

The new cycle of Union grants (2014-2020) is a real dimension to youth-related activities among which the main role is mobility. It is important to encourage key actions (such as Key Action 1, Key Action 2, and Key Action 3), which is the main objective of the development of intercultural skills: whether training or work experience, as well as “exploratory” trip or sports events. The objective will be pursued by the acquisition of the international professional experience in the cultural horizons of openness and development that help young people to get to know other cultures, thereby understanding, tolerance, and making cooperation between fellow people from different cultures.

library-1400313_640Based on our experience, many young Hungarians do not reach or may not find the opportunities of these life-changing apprenticeships. Therefore we think it is very important to present mobility projects, preparation and management of professional schools. With our services we want to help those schools and institutions that do not have the experience or capacity to carry out an EU-project. We are searching for cooperating relationships that take ahead and open up a new way for professional development of young people in modern workforce.

We receive the potential major candidates: schools, other educational institutions, chambers and other organizations in Hungary or from Romania, Slovakia and Serbia, who want to connect with KA1 mobility projects, students in the catering training, freshly graduated students who want to study abroad or would like to exchange their experience and choose and Italian host institution.


From the simple idea of the project, through the process of the realization to the closing of the project we are developing together the planning if needed, we are preparing the management and giving a personal follower activity during the study progress to support the student individually and in a culturally integrating way, and prepare them for the required professional language during their staying abroad. The Tempus Foundation reports 15 thousands successful projects until 2015 and thanks to the Foundation 165 thousand people gained international experience and they support the students with about € 310 million of aid.

Your school organization can also become a participant in Mobility projects!
If you have any questions or ideas for proposals to be developed feel free to contact us!