• Karoly Gundel Catering and Tourism Vocational School, Budapest
  • Berzeviczy Gregory High School and Catering Vocational School, Miskolc
  • Europe 2000 Tourism – Restaurants, Film and Communications High School, Vocational School, Budapest
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, Budapest
  • Joseph C. Dobos Catering Vocational School, Budapest
  • Synergy Training School, Budapest
  • Hungarian National Gastronomy Association (MNGSZ), Budapest
  • Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Szolnok

Our Tasks:

  • All institutions listed above we helped with the Italian contact.
  • Management tasks, organization of dissemination, implementation and project completion was carried out on the behalf of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.
  • In the MNGSZ mobility project we made the students’ language preparation helped by monitoring the effectiveness of learning, and actively participated in the organization of tasks, with schools, with teachers, with parents maintaining contact throughout the project duration.
  • In collaboration with the Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County Chamber of Commerce and Industries we are getting the organizational tasks in preparation for mobility, learning effective monitoring and application management to carry out orders.

Some words wrote about us:

Charles Gundel Catering and Tourism Vocational School worked together for many years in Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus + program implementation and with Ilona Dávid in EuProject. During our work we were able to provide italian professional practice for more than 50 pupils. The implementation of the program Ilona Dávid did the coordinating, organizing, contact and language-teaching tasks. In each case she kept in mind the the students’ interests. She solved all the tasks with much devotion, high quality, energetically and creatively. Particularly outstanding her effectiveness to deal with the problematic, difficult situations, situations that are solving is always actively and effectively contributed. Her development proposals and creative solutions made the projects carried forward, and it have been opened new areas for the students.

Zoltán Kóbor
Director of Karoly Gundel Catering and Tourism Vocational School