If your organization has just the project idea, and still have no idea how to develop or elaborate it, how to write it, with which partners can realize the application, we can help to plan all of these operations, write and prepare for tasks associated with the application.

macbook-1526449_640If you have appropriate project theme and you need writing assistance, or if you need a feedback for final written project, please contact us for valuable advice and guidance so that we can contribute to a successful application.

question-1500086_640If you do not have a specific idea for the project, but would like to apply your organization, we help you to get acquainted with the possibilities of the projects and shall coordinate the development efforts of the school, students sent to foreign apprenticeship. If you request we can visit you personally, consult, we can hold a presentation of the application and the travel opportunities what you can present and forward by informative materials for the teachers and for the students.


Project Management



If you do not have capacity to carry out the project management, please contact us.