Project monitoring


To follow the successfulness of an application, monitoring needs a lot of time and transparent systematization. With the help of electronic administration where participants can access updated information in the project document libraries, you can follow every phase of the application. We organize, create and share with all the people who are interested and recorded the ongoing activities’ documents  the documentation system, so till the project closing time all the important documents will be ready. We are preparing reports about the monitoring work to the national office as an obligatory application activity to meet the quality requirements.

Monitoring of linguistic and personal preparation


The project participants’ language and personal training in tracking, monitoring, cover the educational work, which is aimed at young people’s motivation and learning efficiency. During the preparation of our colleagues jams, mental, emotional insecurity causes can detect up and help to carry out their students’ motivation program, the success of linguistic and psychological (stress tolerance, adaptability and team building) to their preparation.

Monitoring of the participants


The students and staff mobility program is based on a methodological concept, which guarantees maximum utilization of the possibilities offered by the program: in case of the students, it help to assist the learned materials in the evaluation of professional practice, which also helps to reach opportunities in future employment or making an own business.

In case of teachers we can help to process the experiences and build them to their educational method.


Project planning and writing


Project Management

If you do not have capacity to carry out the project management, please contact us.