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For the last 10 years the EU Project has dedicated itself mainly to Italian social mobility projects. We have helped nearly 120 young chefs and waiters complete Italian cuisine apprenticeships ranging from 3 to 4 months in duration.


The culinarygrapes-690230_640 art business sector in italy provides some great examples of family businesses. Promoting healthy eating and providing the country with a fresh and organic food production culture for future generations.



After taking part in apprenticships based around Itallian culture and hospitality and learning about the foundations of Italian cusine, the apprenticies have gone on to forge their own careers in the sector and some have built their own businesses.

 The Italian Mobility Programmes enables the teachers of Italian hospitality a unique chance to promote the natural and healthy living approach.buffet-1562290_640

The teachers each have their own special cooking methods,. The mobility programmes allow them, to acquire new methods and build on those they already have.


If you are a teacher or a School principal and are looking for new opportunities for your students and colleagues to study abroad, further their educationm and develop new skills via apprenticeships then EU Project is a well prepared and ideal partner. Ready to assist you in all aspects.


Alternativley if you are already taking part in a project and have come up agaionst some obsticles or just want further advice and information on the service we offer. Please get in touch and we will do all we can to assist.


Feel free to contact us if your looking for a strong foreign partner, with an extensive network of contacts, who can put you intouch with the right organisations to meet you needs in a short space of time.

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